Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday, November 24, 2018

McHughs Get to See My Son Joel Perform in Long Island, New York 11-24-18

I am just SO HAPPY that my dear friends Tom, and Lori, and David McHugh got to see my son Joel perform in Disney On Ice Mickey's Search Party today in Long Island! Thank you Lori for this wonderful photo.

Also...the McHughs had Joel at their home for Thanksgiving this year.  Joel says it was wonderful!  He said the stuffing was the best he'd ever had and Lori sent him home to his hotel with a pie. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2018

First Cousins Connect in Florida! 9-22-18

My niece Phoebe Schneider is about to begin her tour with Disney On Ice Worlds of Enchantment. She has been rehearsing the past two weeks in Florida.

Today, 9-22-18, some of the cast from her show went to Ft. Myers, Florida to see Disney On Ice: Mickey’s Search Party, the show my son Joel performs in.

This photo of the two cousins together makes me cry.

By the way, my daughter Rebekah is also touring with Disney On Ice and is about to return home from Japan for a break before her cast tours Asia.

My dad has three of his grandchildren skating with Disney On Ice!

Good Videos and Photos!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Annabelle Passes Her Last Two International Ice Dances and Earns Her 7th Gold Medal! 8-25-18

Today 8/25/18, my daughter Annabelle passed the last two of the 10 International ice dances: The Finnstep and the Golden Waltz and earned her 7th US Figure Skating Gold Medal!

She now has passed Senior Moves, Senior Solo Free Dance, Senior Free Skate, Senior Pairs, Gold Dance, Senior Free Dance, and the entire International Dance test! I am such an excited and happy and proud mom.

The skaters who were in Sun Valley for Adult Week came to watch Annabelle's test and cheered loudly for her when they heard she passed!  (It was even announced on the loudspeaker that "Annabelle Schneider-Farris just passed her last two international ice dances!")

Also a big thank you to coach Brent Bommentre who partnered and coached Annabelle through these last two dances.

It really did "Happen In Sun Valley!"

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Joel Is a Double Gold Medalist! Passed Senior Solo Free Dance and Pre-Gold Dance Test! 7-15-18

Today 7/15/18 my son Joel became a US Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist and also passed his Pre Gold Dance Dance Test! He worked so hard at his skating during his break from Disney On Ice and passed his Senior Solo Free Dance and Paso Doble today.

He leaves this Wednesday 7/18/18 for Florida to begin rehearsals for his 5th season touring with Disney On Ice and will be part of Feld Entertainment’s newest Disney On Ice show: Mickey’s Search Party!

I am such a proud mom!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Wonderful Review of My Book "My Skating Life" - WOW!

Years ago I wrote a review about a deaf and blind figure skater, and today, that person surprised me with a wonderful "thank you!"  She read my entire book and has written the most thorough and amazing review ever!

Below is the article I wrote about 10 years ago about Lisa Ferris who skates even though she is legally blind and deaf and below that is a link to the most wonderful review ever of my book!