Saturday, March 28, 2015

Joel Schneider-Farris and Curtis Socha Meet - 3-25-15

This is an emotional photo since I taught skating with Curtis Socha from 1991--1994 in Colorado Springs. Curtis was an amazing "Broadmoor skater" and kid then and shortly after that he toured with Disney On Ice for 4 years.

My son Joel and Curtis met this week when Joel's tour, Disney On Ice: Frozen was in Dallas!

(When I taught skating at the Plaza Ice Chalet in "The Springs" with Curtis, Joel was not born yet...who would have thought the two of them would be talking about their experiences skating with Disney On Ice in 2015???!!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Sort of Made My 3 Kids "Do Patch"....

Thank you Richard Stansberry of The Compulsory Figures Project for sharing this photo of my three wonderful kids, Rebekah, Annabelle, and Joel . My kids will tell the story of how I sort of "made them DO PATCH".....and yes...this is our family's scribe and once in awhile I use that scribe and "do patch!" I think this photo was taken during Broadmoor World Arena Summer Skate 2009 or 2010.