Saturday, April 4, 2015

Photo of My Book With Skating Magazines!

Thank you Christine Crowe for sending me this photo. I'm so honored for her photo to include my book next to SKATING Magazine and ISI's Ice Skating!

Joel and Miss Molly Reunite! 4-4-15

Joel went to the YMCA when he was a little kid. Today, in San Antonio, Texas, one of the day care workers that loved and adored him, reunited with him! "Miss Molly" wrote the following today:

"Fifteen years ago I worked at the YMCA in Colorado Springs and met this little 5 year boy named Joel Farris. He was the cutest ever!!! I absolutely adored him. The last time I saw him was in 2000, and as I hugged that little guy and said goodbye, I cried. I had just fallen in love with him. He made me laugh every single day!! Today, I FINALLY got to see him again, as he is one of the performers in the Disney Frozen on Ice show. You know the second I found out he was in the show, I bought tickets. (He played young Kristoff in the beginning and then an escort at the coronation.) After the show, I FINALLY got to hug him again!! The best part was that this time I got to bring my own little cutie pie to watch Joel as he made me smile again! :)"