Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Skating With Luke at the Air Force Academy 10-18-17

It was so fun skating in my ice hockey skates at the Air Force Academy with Luke.

He was my friend Rosie's neighbor in Belmont Shore in Long Beach and we met just before he moved away at Rosie's new beach apartment when I stopped by to visit Rosie after riding my scooter on the beach bike path.

Luke briefly lived in Florida after leaving California and is now in Colorado. It is very cool how skating connects people! We both wished Rosie was skating with us!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Scans of Old Schneider Family Skating Photos

JO ANN - Just Before 1968 Southwest Pacific Championships
Billy Schneider - 1968
My first ice dance partner Corey Iseberg and JO ANN - I was thrilled to earn my first trophy
My brother Billy seemed to always be 2nd to Johnny Carlow - The 3rd place skater is Doug Varvais
Caddies at Pacific Coast
JO ANN, Cathy Nitz, Erika Susman, Janet Johnson, Kelly Burge, Lynnellen Schneider
I started skating with Gary Forman when I was 14 years old.  He was 19.  Here he is carry our skate bags to the car at the Santa Monica ice rink parking lot.
Rich Griffin and I placed 2nd at Southwesterns at The Broadmoor in 1973.  Paul Steiner and Barb Clare won.  I was thrilled to be going to Midwesterns!

Southwest Pacific Champions 1974

Pacific Coast Champions 1975

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Skating With Sue Knock at CC Homecoming 2017

Susan Knock and I were both members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority at Colorado College. She graduated in 1975 and that is that last time we saw one another until we skated together at Honnen Ice Rink on 10-15-17!

I didn't know it until today that Sue had been a serious figure skater in Canada before she started CC and passed her Gold Dance and 7th Figure and Freestyle tests!

I keep thinking of the song "Remember Gamma Phi Beta.."....the idea we were "sisters" for life really came through!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rebekah In SKATING Magazine!

Rebekah's NINE International ice dances passed in one test session will be featured in the November, 2017 issue of SKATING Magazine!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Frozen The Broadway Bound Musical 9-23-17

I went with my husband and my dad to see FROZEN The Broadway-Bound Musical today, 9-23-17, in Denver.

My brother Billy and his wife Amy saw it last week and I asked Amy if my dad would like it and she said he would, so I got us some last minute tickets. The show was almost sold out completely.

Also, after seeing Disney On Ice Frozen fifteen times siince my son Joel is in that show, I wanted to see the musical play while it was still in Colorado. This version of FROZEN was different than the ice show and the movie since there were new scenes and music.

Olaf was a puppet!

There were human like jungle creatures with tails instead of trolls.

The ice show doesn't include Elsa and Ana's parents, but this version does and this version explains the reason Elsa has powers in the first place is her mother, the queen, was once one of those jungle like creatures.

In the second act, there was this really weird scene at the mountain store where the chorus sang about drinking alcohol and being inside a sauna and they were wearing towels as they sang and danced, but then later, they looked like they were naked and danced with tree branches!!!

The Summer scene had only props and only Ana and Christof and Olaf (and his puppeteer) were in that scene. In the ice show, there is a kickline of seagulls and flowers that I missed seeing in this Broadway bound version.

The costume changes were done in a really cool manner. When Elsa changed into the beautiful blue dress in "Let It Go," the costume change was so quick and amazing and almost magical!

There were no wolves in the forest when Ana and Christof first met and Sven reindeer was much smaller than the Sven in the ice show and there was only a sled in the beginning of the musical as opposed to the sled being there until it is destroyed by the wolves in the ice show version.

I wish my son Joel had seen this show when he was on his break. I know, after doing over 1300 Disney On Ice Frozen shows he would have enjoyed seeing this very, very good live musical version!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pacific Coast 1975 Results - So Fun to Look Back!

I won Pacific Coast 1975 in San Diego. I loved winning, but I especially enjoyed being so popular at the after competition party when all the boys wanted to dance with me because I won!

What is also so amazing is that many of the skaters on this result sheet are Facebook friends 42 years later! And...that I've seen Karen, Gary, Kim, Hal, Cathy face to face in recent years. Eva...I think I saw face to face about 10 years ago and Mickey I saw at a roller skating rink about 20 years ago!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Kendall Ice Arena in Miami Was a Shelter During Hurricane Irma

This photo below showed up on my Facebook Newsfeed on Saturday, 9-9-17. Brave skaters and coaches and their cars were safely inside of Kendall Ice Arena in Miami during Hurricane Irma. Wow!

The power went off at 6 am Sunday morning, but it went back on later on Sunday.

My longtime childhood skating friends Kent Johnson and Janet L. Johnson and others there have reported that they are safe.

Joel's 4th Year of Disney On Ice Delayed Slightly Due to Hurricane Irma

My son Joel was supposed to fly to Tampa today to begin his 4th season with Disney On Ice, but due to Hurricane Irma he did no go. (Plane delayed until it is safe to travel....) He enjoyed time with his dad and dog tonight, 9-10-17, safely in Colorado!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Learning to Stand Up Paddle Board Reminds Me of Learning to Skate

Here is a video of me getting the hang of stand up paddleboarding at Palmer Lake 9-3-17.

Learning to SUP reminds me of when I teach beginning adult ice first you want to stay near the shore and look down just like a beginning adult want to hang on the rail and look down at their skates.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to SUP and it says to just go down on your knees or sit on the board when you feel you need to which reminded me of when I tell new ice skaters to go into the dip position if they feel a fall is coming!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Annabelle Passes the Tango Romantica Test! - 8-26-17

My daughter Annabelle just passed her 6th International Ice Dance today 8-26-17....the Tango Romantica!

Thank you coach Logan Giulietti-Schmitt.

Again I'm a very proud mom! Only four more international ice dances to pass towards the goal of earning a 7th gold medal and becoming a US Figure Skating Septuple Gold Medalist!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Helping With Skating Camp at Lakewood Ice 8-16-17

I was asked by Skating Director Jacqui Palmore to help with the figure part of a skating camp at Lakewood Ice today! My son Joel, who is on break from Disney On Ice Frozen, tagged along and helped a bit too!

It was fun to share my passion for the sport and for compulsory figures with the young skaters who took part in the camp!

After the figures class, we stayed around for a bit of Rafael's jump class that was assisted by US Men's Champion Adam Rippon!