Saturday, July 28, 2012

Skate Detroit 2012

Annabelle and Joel competed in the Novice Pairs event at Skate Detroit 2012.  They placed second in the short program on Wednesday, July 25 and placed third in the free skate on Thursday, July 26.  They skated a clean short program, but missed the throw double Salchow in the long.  They were very pleased with both performances and will keep working hard towards the next competition.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ice Dance Tests Passed! 7-15-2012

Today, 7-15-2012, Annabelle passed her 14-Step and Joel passed the Kilian! It was Annabelle's first pre-silver dance test and Joel's first pre-gold.

Joel partnered Annabelle through her test and Joel took his test with Rachel Tibbetts who coached both kids too. Joel also did great on the solo part of the test.  It's so exciting to see the kids get through tests and ice dance tests do so much to help their skating in general.

   One other comment: With all the changes that went on at the Colorado Springs World Arena regarding ice dancing, it truly is somewhat a miracle that my children have been able to continue doing some ice dancing and continue to pass ice dance tests at all. It's great that Rachel was available for my kids so they could pass dance tests today and I look forward to her helping the kids get through more ice dance tests!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Fire and Ice 7-13-12

Annabelle and Joel did their Novice Pairs short program for the first time in front of an audience for Fire and Ice on 7-13-2012.  They did a great job!  It was also the first time they got to wear their new short program competition outfits.  Go kids!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Novice Pair Long Program Run-Through 7-12-2012 - Joel and Annabelle Schneider-Farris

Joel and Annabelle did a clean long program during their lesson on 7-12-2012! They haven't done that many full run-throughs of their free skate, so this was exciting and encouraging! Go kids!


Joel and Annabelle Can Do a One-Arm Lift! 7-12-2012

Joel is so excited! He and Annabelle can do a one-arm lift off the ice now!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Reunion With Darlene and Jerry Gilbert and Gary Forman - Thursday, June 28, 2012

Many skaters don't know that Gary Forman and I were Darlene Gilbert's first ice dance team in southern California. My dad encouraged Darlene to come to southern California.

My dad is also responsible for matching me up with Gary, and also getting him interested in ice dancing.

Under Darlene's amazing coaching, Gary passed his Pre-Gold dance test in less than one year! Gary was already a talented singles skater, and dance was easy for him.

During my recent trip to Long Bea
ch, Joel and I, and my dad drove all the way from Long Beach to Temecula to Darlene's beautiful home to reunion. It is a special day we will all remember.

We are hoping we see one another again.

Who would have thought in 1970 when Gary and I teamed up and took lessons from Darlene, that over 40 years later, we'd all be together again with not only my dad, but our children and loving families?! We got to meet Gary's beautiful wife, Nit, and his son Ja. Darlene's husband, Jerry, was a delight to be with too!