Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanks Linda!

I have known Linda Kola Alexander for over sixteen years. When I first met Linda, she was not Honnen Ice Rink at Colorado College's manager; she was an accomplished skating coach who seemed to want to make others happy by passing on her knowledge and love of skating to others.

As I wrote the article, I realized that Honnen Ice Rink would not be anything without Linda. She has transformed that arena.

Before she managed it, the facility was very dirty. Now the place is spotless! There weren't any public sessions or even much opportunities for the public to use the facility. The college students had limited opportunities to skate. There was not that much going on at the ice rink at Colorado College. I remember because I was there.
When my husband, Dan, was in a horrible accident and near death in 2005, Linda made it possible for my children to skate on public sessions at Honnen for a short while, free of charge, so that skating could be therapeutic for them during a time of much stress on our family. I still remember little Annabelle pushing a doll stroller around the rink then. It was a very special thing for me to see my little girl so happy during such a bad time.

Even before then, if I had an idea to help the rink, Linda let me try it, even if the idea was a bad one. I saw Linda help people over and over again. She did not just help me. She helped any person who needed or wanted her help.

For example, I remember when Linda's friend and fellow coach, Donna Schoon, adopted twin girls from Cambodia. Linda flew on the plane with Donna to get the babies since two adults had to hold the babies on the plane. Donna would bring the twins to the rink every morning and Linda would help feed the babies and/or even clean up after them.

What people around Linda have not known, is that she has been through so much in her life. She wants to give back since she's "been there." The article I wrote tells her story.

Linda's sacrifice is rare in the ice skating world. Her job as an ice rink manager has helped make Linda's desire to help people a reality. All she asks in return is to be appreciated. Wow!

If you know Linda personally, and she's done something for you related to skating or outside of skating, give her a hug or thank her. She certainly deserves it!

Linda Kola Alexander made it possible for Annabelle Schneider-Farris to win the Juvenile Girls Test Track event at the 2011 Southwestern Regional Figure Skating Championships - Photo by JO ANN Schneider Farris

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