Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ice Dance Tests Passed! 7-15-2012

Today, 7-15-2012, Annabelle passed her 14-Step and Joel passed the Kilian! It was Annabelle's first pre-silver dance test and Joel's first pre-gold.

Joel partnered Annabelle through her test and Joel took his test with Rachel Tibbetts who coached both kids too. Joel also did great on the solo part of the test.  It's so exciting to see the kids get through tests and ice dance tests do so much to help their skating in general.

   One other comment: With all the changes that went on at the Colorado Springs World Arena regarding ice dancing, it truly is somewhat a miracle that my children have been able to continue doing some ice dancing and continue to pass ice dance tests at all. It's great that Rachel was available for my kids so they could pass dance tests today and I look forward to her helping the kids get through more ice dance tests!


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