Saturday, February 15, 2014

IcePartner Search Updated For Annabelle and Rebekah 2-14-2014

Someone asked me if Joel and Annabelle are still skating together and/or if Joel is still skating since I updated Annabelle's Ice Partner Search page today.

Yes...all three of my kids are skating away!

Joel and Annabelle are still skating together, but Dalilah, their coach, would like to give Annabelle at chance to compete in Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating competitions, and Joel is too old for the Jr. Grand Prix now, so we are looking for another pairs partner for Annabelle who is big and strong and the right age to compete in the Junior Grand Prix. Joel is Annabelle's "back up partner" and the two of them are working very hard at this time to pass pair and free skating and ice dance tests. If a new partner for Annabelle does not come about, Annabelle and Joel Schneider-Farris are still a pair.

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