Thursday, July 24, 2014

Joel Begins New Career - Disney On Ice: Frozen!

Wednesday, July 15, 2014 began like any other day.  The kids skated in the morning at the World Arena and went home for lunch.  At 12:30 pm, an email came that changed Joel's life.  He was offered a role in Disney On Ice's new show, Frozen!

The next few days were filled with excitement, packing, and taking care of details.  Joel played his last hockey game with Bleed Hockey and his team, The Misfits, won the Championship Game!  He said good-bye to friends and his little hockey students too.

Dalilah and the pair skaters gave Joel a send-off party and Joel and Annabelle skated pairs together for one last time on Saturday morning.  It was an emotional day.  The kids realized they really loved skating together for the past six years and would miss one another.  A few tears were shed.

On Sunday, July 20, Joel took his Senior Moves in the Field test, passed, and became a US Figure Skating Gold Medalist.  He said good-bye to his coaches and friends after the test.   Ryan and Dalilah and Eddie had all done so much for Joel, but they were also happy to send Joel off.

Bruce Hurd has sharpened Joel's skates since he was a little kid.  

After getting his skates sharpened and going out to celebrate tests passed and Ananbelle's and Joel's birthdays at Red Robin with our family and friends Paul and Judy Steiner , Joel and I took a bike ride together.  We talked about how Joel was about to begin a new chapter in his life as we rode.

The next day, Joel boarded a plane for Florida to begin rehearsals.  The show opens September 4 in Florida and the tour mostly will be on the east coast.

The hard work Joel has done for years in skating have made this opportunity possible. Congratulations Joel!  I am so proud of you!

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