Saturday, February 7, 2015

Letter About My Book, MY SKATING LIFE - From Past President of US Figure Skating, Morry Stillwell

I received this wonderful letter yesterday, from Morry Stillwell, former President, US Figure Skating! He has given me permission to share his letter! It means so much to me!

Dear Jo Ann,

Last night I had the time to reread your book. I want to thank you for the many memories your book brings to my mind.

Your days in California are especially precious. Those days mirror my own experiences.

I knew every person mentioned in your California days.

Following is a little background based on my own life. Howie Harold was a very good friend. I was the one, when we both lived in Seattle, that converted Howie to Ice. We were both competitive Roller Skaters, although, Howie was RSROA and I was USARA. When I got out of the Army in 1953 and moved LA, Howie followed my move later in the year.

During that time most ice dancers were skating at Polar Place and Paramount. Polar Palace had an early evening dance session on Saturday night and most of us would go from there to the Culver City Roller Rink and skate their session. The girls always had a hard time because the rink thought the ice skating dresses were too short. The rink also complained that "these ice skaters" skated too fast.

Sylvia Mennine lived a block from me in Malibu. Doug used to pick her up and take her to the rink.

Again, thank you so much for the great book,


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