Thursday, January 21, 2016

Funny and Precious Memory From US Nationals 1973

I have to share a memory from when I went to US Figure Skating Championships in Minnesota "way back" in 1973. My brother Billy placed 3rd in Junior Men that year.

I was very sad that year that I didn't qualify, so my dad took me to watch.

In those days, there was always a competition party afterwards and I went with my dad.

Billy of course was "on top of the world" and my dad was being a proud skating parent, but I did not have a good time at the party since I wasn't a competitor, and so, I decided to head back to the hotel alone on the competitor's bus.  The weather was bitter cold.

I was almost in tears since I felt "so alone" at the competition party, and then something really funny happened as I walked back to my hotel room.

The Harlem Globtrotters had just moved in the hotel and I found myself walking side by side with one of the players. He saw that I was sad and decided to try to make me laugh. I am only 4'10" tall and he was probably over 7.5 feet tall.

As we walked, he bent down "real low" and walked down the hall with me!

I laughed and that memory is the most precious memory of have from 1973 Nationals besides watching Billy medal, and seeing Tai and Randy skate so well, and remembering Janet Lynn's last Nationals!

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