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Remembering Figure Skating Moves on Ice Hockey Skates

This article I wrote years ago has been redirected, but I want to keep it for memories since it was one of the most fun articles I ever wrote.  I love doing figure skating moves on hockey skates!

It is possible to do some figure skating moves on ice hockey skates. This is a list of some of those moves. Tips on how to do figure skating moves on ice hockey skates are included in this article. 
Spiral on Hockey Skates - JO ANN Schneider Farris Personal Photos
JO ANN Schneider Farris Personal Photos

1.  Spiral on Hockey Skates

Any skater who can balance and glide on one foot should be able to do a spiral on ice hockey skates. In fact, spirals make great balance drills for ice hockey players.
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2.  Shoot the Duck

The shoot the duck is a really fun ice skating move. To do this manuever, bend both knees completely and squat down as far as you can go while moving as fast as you can in a straight line. Then place your right hand under your right calf and your left hand on your left knee and stick your right leg forward. This isn’t the suicide maneuver you may be picturing, because if you fall, it’s no big deal since you are already almost on the ice! If you don’t fall, just bring your right leg back down next to your left one and skate in the dipposition again and then stand up. Wasn’t that fun? More »

3.  Attitude

Attitudes are in that category of easy, pleasing moves that only appear difficult. Start off with a one-foot glide, stretching your free leg behind. Bend your free leg slightly, and put one arm up above your head and one arm out to the side. Make sure your free thigh is raised and turned outward. Keep your head up throughout. Next try the same attitude going backward. Finally, change feet and do the same move in reverse direction. More »

4.  Waltz Jump

Doing a waltz jump on ice hockey skates is fun! If you jump in the counter-clockwise direction, start on the left outside edge, then throw your right free leg through as you leap into the air. Make sure your arms do not go over your head as you jump. Don't begin any rotation until you are actually in the air. After making a half turn (180 degrees), land on your right back outside edge. Be careful! You won't have a toe pick to take off of or a toe pick to land on! Doing a waltz jump in ice hockey skates takes concentration. It may be a good idea to land on two feet at first. More »

5.  Two Foot Spin

Doing a two foot spin on ice hockey skates is quite fun. If a skater spins in the counter-clockwise direction, he or she would do a forward swizzle on the right foot and a backward swizzle on the left foot. The weight on the right foot should be on the heel and the weight on the left foot should be a bit forward on the ball of the foot. 
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6.  One Foot Spin

A one foot spin on ice hockey skates is most easily done by doing a two foot spin first and then lifting up one foot. If a skater spins in the counter-clockwise direction, he or she should lift up the right foot. If the weight of the skating foot is kept on the ball of the foot, the skater will not fall forward over the front of the ice hockey skate. 
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7.  Lunge

The lunge probably got its name because it bears an uncanny resemblance to a classic fencing posture. It is best to first try the lunge by holding onto the rail, bending all the way down on one leg, and putting the boot of the other skate behind you directly on the ice. Keep your back straight and completely stretch the free leg. It should hurt if you’ve not done this before! Now gain some speed and glide on a good forward straight edge and put the free skate’s boot directly on the ice. If you’ve built up enough momentum, you’ll travel for quite a distance! More »

8.  Stroking, Crossovers, Three Turns, Stopping, and Mohawks

All the basics of figure skating can be done in ice hockey skates. In fact, it would benefit all ice hockey players to master stroking and crossovers. Every player should also learn how to do three turns (turning around on one foot) and mohawks. If players can control their stops the way figure skaters do, they will be better at hockey. 

9.  Sit Spin

Doing sit spins on ice hockey skates does take some concentration. Enter with a very, very deep forward outside edge and whip your free leg forward. Stretch the free leg way out; stay on the front of the skating skate, then pull your stomach in hard. Next, try to get up by either pulling forward very hard over the skating knee or by pushing on the skating leg. Stay over the front part of the hockey skate blade. More »

10.  Ice Dancing

Most of the beginning ice dances and beginning ice dance steps can be done on ice hockey skates. 
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Have you ever tried any figure skating moves on hockey skates? If you have, share your experiences. Have you ever had a desire to try hockey skates on? Are you a figure skater who would like to try hockey? Are you a hockey player who would like to try figure skating? Share about yourself!

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