Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My Son Joel's Visit With the Dodd's Family In Australia 6-26-17

Every year since my kids were very little, the Dodds family has come to Colorado to train during Australia's summer (our winter months). They are an incredible figure skating family since all four boys are figure skaters and incredibly talented figure skaters in fact. I think all four boys did pairs in addition to singles and have competed internationally and one of the Dodd's boys is now ice dancing and working towards qualifying for the Olympics.

Anyway, the Dodd's are like family to us (thanks to coach Dalilah Sappenfield's amazing pair skating training environment), and I'm so grateful that Gail Dodds took the time to take my son Joel, while he is on the Disney On Ice Frozen tour in Australia to have fun eating and sight seeing and just being with the Dodd's family!

Here are the photos that Gail took of Joel on his day off.in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Wow, does Joel look so happy! The photos make me feel I'm with him and the Dodds. As a mom, these kind of photos are much needed! :)

Thank you Dodds family! And Hugs! :)

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