Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cat's On Ice 2005 Was Where We Met Olympian Chris Knierim

During these Olympics, I couldn't help but cry tears of joy for Chris Knierim and his wife Alexa and Chris's mom DeeDee. You see, my family got to know Chris and DeeDee Knierim-Couch way back in 2005 when my three children took part in DeeDee's Colorado Youth Theatre Cats On Ice production.

Chris did so much in the background for that production and DeeDee's love for her own children showed. She had tremendous energy and dedication and patience. DeeDee told me then that she wanted Chris to consider pair skating and his first partner, Shawnee Smith, was part of that Cats On Ice production. No wonder Chris became an Olympian! Behind every skater there truly is the inspiration of a parent.

Chris's mom, DeeDee, was also there for me when my husband was hurt in a horrible accident in September of 2005 and was actually Joel and Rebekah's first pair coach. She choreographed their first pair program to Superman and then suggested we move the kids' pair skating lessons to The Broadmoor where they first worked with Irina Vorobieva and then went on to work with Dalilah Sappenfield who our family owes so much to.

I wrote this "journal memory" below way back in 2005 of that wonderful year we spent with the Knierims. Hugs to all.

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