Sunday, May 29, 2016

Annabelle Passes Her Westminster Waltz and Gold Dance Test and Becomes a US Figure Skating Quintuple Gold Medalist! 5-29-16

My daughter Annabelle Schneider-Farris passed the Gold Dance test today 5/29/16! She has now completed FIVE US Figure Skating Gold medals: Moves, Solo Free Dance, Free Skate, Pairs, and Dance! I am one proud mom! Yay Annabelle!

Thank you to Olympian and US Ice Dance Champion Russ Witherby for skating with my daughter Annabelle and helping her pass the Westminster Waltz (the last dance of her Gold Dance test) on Sunday, May 29, 2016!

One of the most awesome things about today, May 29, 2016, was that I was delighted and surprised that my daughter Annabelle's last dance of her gold dance test was judged by one of my childhood friends, Caroline Guttman!

In this photo below, from Squaw Valley, California in 1968, where I skated and trained every summer as a kid, cute little Caroline, all dressed up with the hat and white tights, is posing next to me in front. I'm the kid who is wearing the baggy t-shirt and Caroline's dad, Dr. Guttman, is standing right above me.

Caroline went on to earn gold medals in figures and dance (which is pretty darn awesome!)....


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